Sunday, 1 February 2009

Death By Chocolate - 31/01/09

The music hall star Little Fitz with Ziggy.(Above)

The group discussing the facts (above).

The Marchioness asking some serious questions. (above)

Dr Sigmund Fraud, The Marchioness Duchamp and Little Fitz working through the case. (above)

The Marchioness getting stuck in. (above)

Chocolate Bertrand and Maria Von Schnapps. (above)

Marchioness and Little Fitz . (Above)
Maria Von Schnapps arriving for Dinner.

Little Fitz and Dr Johnson. (above)

Dr Fraud answering questions. (above)

Dr Boris Johnson relaxing during dinner (Above)

(From Left to Right) Dr Sigmund Fraud, Marchioness Duchamp and Little Fitz during serious debate after the Soup. (Above)

A shocked Chocolate Bertrand (Above)

Mike Bison and Dame Barbara Carthorse (above)

The group enjoying active discussion over soup. (Above)

The group sitting for Dinner. (Above)

Chocolate Bertrand, Maria Von Schnapps & Mike Bison enjoying light hearted discussion (Above)

Dr Sigmund Fraud and Marchioness Duchamp enjoying disucssion. (Above)

Maria Von Schnapps, Mike Bison & Dame Barbara Carthorse (Above)

Maria Von Schnapps & Mike Bison. (above)

Dr Boris Johnson arriving for Dinner.(above)

Dame Barbara Carthorse arriving for Dinner.(above)

The 3 pictures above show the Hotel Paradiso ready for dinner.

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