Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A First Class Murder - 17/09/09

Paddy O' Lay, Penelope Pitt-Pony & Mustapha M'stach enjoy a disucssion over a glass of Pink!!!
Mustapha M'stach & Arthur 'Fiddler' Farquhar listen to the debate

Bertie Rooster, May Vest, Paddy O' Lay & Penelope Pitt-Pony carry out part of the investigation.
The suspects start questioning each other

Dame Agatha Eiderdown takes her place for dinner.

Paddy O' Lay arrives for Dinner

May Vest enjoys a pre-dinner chat

Mustapha M'stach arrives for the Investigation.

Arthur 'Fiddler' Farquhar
Bertie Rooster & Penelope Pitt-Pony, pre-investigation.

The Butler and facilitator for the Evening Jenkins.
Sister Wendy Miller Arrives at the station.

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